Miko Rantanen Sends a Shot at a Teammates' Father in an Interview

Published December 12, 2023 at 12:39

Mikko Rantanen made an unusual declaration in a post-game press conference.

Rantanen Shines with 3 Points in Victory Over Calgary


In last night's game between the Flames and the Avalanche, Mikko Rantanen scored two goals and one assist in a 6-5 win.

Mikko Rantanen evens the score once again in this 10-goal thriller 🔥

Rantanen has been firing on all cylinders this season, scoring 34 points in just 23 games.

Controversy Arises Between Rantanen and Lehkonen's Father


Despite his great year, Rantanen took a moment during his recent interview to sent a shot at Ismo Lehkonen, the father of his teammate Artturi Lehkonen, for comments made in the media concerning Rantanen's offseason training.

Mikko Rantanen after a wild, entertaining 6-5 Colorado win over Calgary. Apparently unhappy with Ismo Lehkonen, a Finnish commentator

Reports have emerged indicating that Rantanen and his teammate Artturi Lehkonen have resolved any potential issues, with no lingering drama between them.

However, the fact that Rantanen discussed this in an interview shows that it bothered him. Avs fans are certainly happy that he sees this as an extra motivation!

As seen on House of Hockey - Rantanen Fires Shots At His Teammate's Dad
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Miko Rantanen Sends a Shot at a Teammates' Father in an Interview

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