Connor Bedard skates during a Chicago Blackhawks game.
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Connor Bedard Poised to Play For Canada at IHF World Championships

Published April 3, 2024 at 7:03 PM

Chicago Blackhawks rookie Connor Bedard –may not be done with hockey for this year after the regular season ends. He would be gearing up for big-time action at the upcoming 2024 IIHF World Championships with Team Canada.

Reports on Insider Trading are that Team Canada has contacted Connor Bedard and Mason McTavish from the Anaheim Ducks. While nothing's set in stone yet, all signs point to Bedard saying yes and suiting up for the tournament in Czechia come May.

Now, when it comes to Sidney Crosby, Team Canada probably sends him invites every year, but he's not always jumping on board.

No official word, but the answer is expected to be a yes for Connor Bedard to play at the Men's World Championship for Team Canada in May. #Blackhawks
Team Canada plans to also reach out to Sidney Crosby if/when #LetsGoPens are eliminated from playoff contention.

He's joined the team several times in the past, winning a gold medal in 2015, but it's unusual to see him participate. The World Championships often clash with the NHL playoffs, so many top players either can't make it or choose to sit it out after the long season. That said, Canada still usually emerges victorious.
However, having the 18-year-old phenom and Calder favorite like Bedard could be a game-changer.

And imagine if they could rope in Crosby, too. Ratings would skyrocket, and suddenly, the 2024 World Championships would be the talk of the hockey world.

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Connor Bedard Poised to Play For Canada at IHF World Championships

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