Ryan Reaves Disses Corey Perry Again Off The Ice

Published October 18, 2023 at 6:03 PM

It's no secret that Ryan Reaves and Corey Perry don't like each other very much, and after Chicago's recent visit to Toronto, it appears their rivalry has flared up once again.

Unsavoury words


Unsurprisingly, it was Reaves going on the offensive once again in a recent interview, and he doesn't hold back when asked what he thinks of the Blackhawks veteran forward.

I never really liked him, to be honest. We always seem to run into each other when we play against each other, but not a lot of love for that guy.

Just the way he runs his mouth, I don't know. He kind of acts tough. He's not tough.

A long-standing rivalry

These two haven't liked each other for quite some time, so most expect them to fight one day, except for one person, as Reaves has revealed that he doesn't think Perry would ever drop the gloves with him.

Ultimately, if the two won't drop the gloves, it's hard to see this rivalry escalating, but it will definitely be something to keep an eye on the next time these two teams meet.

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Ryan Reaves Disses Corey Perry Again Off The Ice

Will these two fight on the ice when they meet again?

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