MAJOR: Taylor Hall Missing From Blackhawks Practice: Potentially Injured

Published September 23, 2023 at 11:30

Connor Bedard may have some more difficulty for the first few games as his top linemate is out.

Hall Missing Time

The Chicago Blackhawks had an exciting summer, landing the top overall draft pick, Connor Bedard, who is considered a once-in-a-generation talent. In addition to Bedard, they also brought in some experienced veteran players.

One of these veterans is Taylor Hall, a former winner of the Hart Trophy, which is awarded to the NHL's most valuable player. The Blackhawks acquired Hall from the Boston Bruins without spending too much money due to the Bruins' salary cap situation. Hall is expected to play a crucial role in helping Bedard adapt to the NHL.

Unfortunately, there is some bad news. Hall missed the first day of training camp due to a lower-body injury. You can find more information about this on Twitter.

#Blackhawks' Taylor Hall misses first day of training camp with lower-body injury.

Can Hall Bounce Back?

Over the past two seasons, Hall played 142 games for the Bruins and scored 36 goals, totaling 97 points. While he may not be the superstar who once scored 100 points in a season, he still has the potential to be an important player for the Blackhawks.

We don't know how long Hall will be out due to his injury, which is a concern for the Blackhawks. They are in the process of incorporating young talent into their lineup, and having Hall sidelined is not ideal. They are hoping for a quick recovery so that Hall can return to the ice soon.

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MAJOR: Taylor Hall Missing From Blackhawks Practice: Potentially Injured

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