Connor Bedard Goes Viral For All The Wrong Reasons

Published October 6, 2023 at 10:32

The hype train around Connor Bedard is like something the NHL has rarely seen before, and after a solid start to the pre-season, the young star ran into trouble for the first time in the NHL.

A slip up


After another good game against Minnesota, Bedard got an opportunity on the shootout, and while he tried a lot, he couldn't get any of it to stick against a veteran in Marc-Andre Fleury.

After trying plenty of moves, Bedard was one-upped by the veteran goaltender, and it's led to him going viral on social media, with many taking their shots at the young 18-year-old.

Calder season incoming?

However, this is the type of thing we've seen from all rookies as they go up against experienced netminders, and if Bedard's talents can translate to the NHL, we may be in for one of the best rookie seasons in recent memory.

One day, we could look back on this as a fun Welcome to the NHL moment for Bedard, as he's expected to be a generational star in Chicago, so for fans of opposing teams, this is a good opportunity to make fun of a moment before the regular season begins.

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Connor Bedard Goes Viral For All The Wrong Reasons

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