BREAKING: Connor Bedard Fined Thousands

Published October 10, 2023 at 8:24 PM

Connor Bedard has broken an NHL rule and will be fined thousands for his actions.

Bedard Fined For Not Wearing A Helmet

Just before his first NHL game, Connor Bedard was fined $2,500 for not wearing a helmet in warmups.

Bedard went no bucket in warm-ups of his first game.

Bedard did a lap without his helmet which is not allowed for rookies meaning he will lose out on a nice chunk of change.

Thankfully, Bedard will likely have the fined paid for by the Blackhawks and if not, he makes just under $1 million this year so he can afford it.
October 10   |   66 answers
BREAKING: Connor Bedard Fined Thousands

Is this right for the NHl to fine Bedard?

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No3147 %
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