Vancouver Canucks' Medical Team Faces Major Accusations

Published October 10, 2023 at 1:48 PM

The medical staff of the Vancouver Canucks is currently at the center of allegations, specifically regarding the treatment of Canucks forward Ilya Mikheyev last season.

Concerns Over Mikheyev's Injury Status


In January, Ilya Mikheyev was sidelined by the Canucks to recover from an injury. General Manager Patrik Allvin was optimistic, saying Mikheyev would be set for the season opener.

However, Mikheyev departed from the training camp after just a few days for "personal reasons," leaving uncertainty about his readiness for the upcoming season.

Many fans have criticized the organization, suggesting that the Canucks should have paused Mikheyev's play sooner to ensure his readiness for the season start.

This concern comes shortly after the Canucks and the NHLPA revealed that they were investigating the handling of Tanner Pearson's injury.

Following the fans' critics, Mikheyev's agent shared a statement:

"Re: Ilya Mikheyev #Canucks

Good evening, I wanted to clear up Ilya Mikheyev's injury situation in Vancouver. Every player heals differently. He's been working very hard to get ready, just needs a bit more time and then will be back in the lineup. The Canucks have been great in working with Ilya during his surgery and rehabilitation. I know he soon will be ready and hungry to play. #WeAreGoldStar!

Cancucks Face Backlash From Fans

Fans have taken to social media to express their frustration about the handling of Mikheyev's injury. Here are some of the reactions:

"Clearly Mikheyev needed the surgery, because he got the surgery. The Canucks were 20-26-3 when they finally made the call. And now he's not gonna be ready for a crucial start to the season. God forbid we discussed it."

"The #Canucks fucked up the Ilya Mikheyev situation, bottom line. If you are blaming the market or media for the medical team fucking up this bad, you are an idiot, case closed."

"Canucks delayed Mikheyev's surgery weeks/months for no reason and spun it as he'll be ready for training camp so no big deal.

Media bought the spin and said this isn't a story if he's ready for training camp.

Well forget training camp, he's not even ready for the regular season"

The fans' trust in the Canucks' management will undoubtedly be tested the longer Mikheyev remains out of play.

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Vancouver Canucks' Medical Team Faces Major Accusations

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