Dylan Cozens Calls Out His Teammates For Being Too Soft and Easily Bullied

Published December 3, 2023 at 12:58

Dylan Cozens had some harsh words for his teammates after a recent loss, not holding back on his true thoughts about how they have been playing recently.

Dylan Cozens Calls out Team For Soft Play

Dylan Cozens of the Buffalo Sabres recently called his teammates out for their play, being too soft and easily bullied off the puck. Cozens, 22, is a young leader on the team, and the Sabres have not been the team they were pegged to be before the season started.

Cozens had this to say after a tough 6-2 loss to the Carolina Hurricanes on Saturday night.

We're too easy to play against, and we need to get a little 'F you' in our game. I think we had more of that last year. We're way too soft this year. I feel like we don't kill plays. We kind of get bullied. We need to finish more checks, be harder to play against, stronger on puck battles. We need to kill plays in the defensive zone

Cozens is not wrong, the Sabres have looked weak in certain situations on the ice, and need to fortify their game in the dirty areas of the ice, even if they are mostly a young team.

Dylan Cozens is not wrong. The collective @BuffaloSabres
are guilty of getting pushed around on a nightly basis: "I think we definitely play way too soft. We need to get a little "F-You» in our game...we get bullied and stuff. We are way too easy to play against right now»

Adams and Granato have committed to playing the kids and the risks are high. The rewards are high when the kids compete,produce. But when the kids are bullied, they retreat rather than battle. Last Summer, Adams should have gone outside the organization to add a heavyweight

Sabres Will Have to Regroup After Losing Out on Patrick Kane

The Sabres were dealt another blow just last week when Patrick Kane announced he would be signing with Detroit and not his hometown of Buffalo. The Sabres would have certainly benefited not only from his skill, but also his veteran leadership.

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Dylan Cozens Calls Out His Teammates For Being Too Soft and Easily Bullied

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