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Female fans fuming after provocative new arena policy

Published February 19, 2024 at 12:59

The Boston Bruins are one of the oldest and most respected teams in the NHL, but recently, their home arena the TD Garden has made what can only be categorized as a bad decision.

New Arena policy in the TD Garden drawing backlash

Recently, the TD Garden revealed on X a new policy surrounding bags being brought into the arena, with this post.

"UPDATE: Effective Feb. 17, new @EvolvTechnology security screening will be implemented at TD Garden. To ensure a swifter entry process, we strongly discourage guests from bringing bags. Bags larger than 6» x4» x 1.5» will not be permitted."

It's unclear exactly why this decision was made, as it doesn't seem to be much of an issue for most places, and unsurprisingly, it wasn't received well by any fans.

Female fans furious with this decision from the TD Garden

While plenty of men carry bags with them, it's the female fans that are most likely to be effected by this decision, and they weren't quiet about their anger on social media.

"As a woman who needs certain products that the TD Garden doesn't supply for free, this is absolutely ridiculous. My phone is the size that yall want our new «bags» to be."

For the love of God, get women in your/NHL's decision-making processes.

It's unclear whether or not the decision can be overturned anytime soon, but this is another example of a short sighted policy that doesn't seem to make much sense, so we will see how the backlash on social media is handled in the coming days.

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Female fans fuming after provocative new arena policy

Will this policy at the TD Garden be overturned?

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