David Krejci Reveals The Biggest Regret Of His NHL Career

Published August 22, 2023 at 9:14

In 2019, the Boston Bruins had a solid run in the Stanley Cup playoffs but ultimately fell short, losing to the St. Louis Blues in seven games. Bruce Cassidy was at the helm as the Bruins' coach at the time, and even though they had a great season, David Krejci thinks a certain decision made by Cassidy during the finals cost them the Cup.


Cassidy's Impact on Krejci

Despite the outcome of the finals, Krejci and Cassidy have always shared a strong relationship on and off the ice.

"He knew exactly when to yell at me. He had me read, and to this day, I am still grateful for his attitude towards me. We won the Stanley Cup together. He was the one who pushed me on how to play in the most important games of the season."

Cassidy's ability to motivate and inspire his players is undeniable. It's no surprise that he was able to win the Cup with Vegas this year.

However, Krejci has one major regret from the 2019 finals.

"We had a great relationship off the ice, we had great conversations, but I regret one thing."

Krejci's Regret

Krejci had an outstanding 2019 season, racking up 73 points. Still, he believes that a particular decision by Cassidy cost them the Cup.

Krejci revealed:

"I think he could have shuffled those three and helped me out a little bit. That and the team. We went to the finals in 2019, and I had over 70 points in the season without playing with Pasta for an extended period of time. If Cassidy had seen it a little differently back then..." said Krejci, trailing off without finishing his sentence.

Krejci's revelation is significant. It's easy to point fingers years after the fact, but it seems that some of the blame for the 2019 loss may indeed rest on Cassidy's shoulders.

Do you think the Bruins would've won the Stanley Cup in 2019 if Cassidy listened to Krejci?

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David Krejci Reveals The Biggest Regret Of His NHL Career

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