RUMOR: William Nylander Rejects Massive Blockbuster Trade To Struggling Franchise

Published September 2, 2023 at 11:14

The future of William Nylander is in question, as it's likely he'll be traded if he doesn't sign a contract extension. Recent reports suggest that Nylander has declined a trade offer to a struggling team.

Nylander Says No to Arizona Trade

Rumors have been swirling about trade talks between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Arizona Coyotes involving William Nylander.

The Maple Leafs and Arizona Coyotes explored a deal involving Nylander and Keller Nylander is unwilling to extend in Arizona as of now.

Sources say that the Maple Leafs and the Coyotes explored a trade involving Nylander and Clayton Keller, a talented player in his own right. However, Nylander isn't interested in extending his contract with Arizona.

If this trade happens, it would be one of the biggest deals of the season. Both Nylander and Keller are considered star players who could form an exciting partnership with their new teams.

Comparing The Two

Let's compare Nylander and Keller:

1) They both play as right-wingers, so if they swap teams, they'll naturally take each other's positions.

2) They're both young: Nylander is 26, and Keller is 24.

3) Both were top-10 draft picks, with Nylander at 8th and Keller at 7th.

4) Keller had 36 goals and 86 points last season, while Nylander had 40 goals and 87 points.

Keller has a contract at just over $7 million for the next few seasons, whereas Nylander is looking for an extension. Keller's younger age and ability to perform well on a weaker team might make him seem more valuable. However, Toronto could still make the trade happen by offering the necessary assets.

In conclusion, William Nylander's future is uncertain, with trade talks and contract negotiations ongoing. Whether he stays with the Maple Leafs or moves to another team will have a significant impact on the NHL.

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RUMOR: William Nylander Rejects Massive Blockbuster Trade To Struggling Franchise

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