REPORT: New Team Reveals Alex Galchenyuk's Role

Published September 2, 2023 at 10:23

Alex Galchenyuk plays his first KHL game today and has already had his role with his new team determined.

Galchenyuk's Role on the SKA St. Petersburg

SKA St. Petersburg recently revealed their starting lineup for an upcoming game against Dynamo Moscow. This gave us a glimpse of what role Galchenyuk will play in the team. They shared it on Twitter:

This is our team to play Dynamo Moscow!

Mattsson (Ivanov)

First line: Nikishin, Sergeev - Tolchinsky, Galchenyuk, Khairullin

What's important to note is that Alex Galchenyuk has been chosen as the 1st line center. This is a significant position with lots of responsibility.

Galchenyuk's Skilled Teammates

Galchenyuk won't be alone on the ice. He'll have some talented teammates supporting him. On his left side is Sergei Tolchinsky, who has experience in the NHL. On his right side is Marat Khairullin, who may not have played in the NHL but has a great track record in the KHL, with 54 points in 65 games last season.

SKA St. Petersburg's roster is impressive, with 12 players connected to the NHL. This includes stars like Matvei Michkov, the 2023 7th overall pick, and Alexander Nikishin, who was named KHL Defenseman of the Year last season. Brendan Leipsic, the only North American on the team, adds an international touch.

In summary, Alex Galchenyuk is in a fantastic position to make a comeback in his career. If he performs well, it could open the door for him to return to the NHL, possibly in a more prominent role.

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REPORT: New Team Reveals Alex Galchenyuk's Role

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