Winnipeg Jets forward Nikolaj Ehlers
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Winnipeg reportedly looking to trade forward Nikolaj Ehlers

Published May 15, 2024 at 5:24 PM

After their brutal series loss against the Colorado Avalanche in only five games, the Winnipeg Jets are reportedly looking to make bold changes, including trading forward Nikolaj Ehlers.

The Winnipeg Jets have missed yet another opportunity in the playoffs, maintaining their spot as one of several teams to never win the Stanley Cup. Aside from the retirement of head coach Rick Bowness, the team is looking to make more massive changes to their team and abandon their losing history.

"I've been at it 5 decades, 2,700+ games, there's no second thoughts."

One major change likely involves making one of their forwards, Nikolaj Ehlers, available for trade. According to Murat Ates of The Athletic, this will likely help the player break his own playoff curse while making Winnipeg a more cohesive team.

"It's also true that Ehlers' playoff resume will haunt him until he overcomes it. Nothing is promised on that front, and it's looking less and less likely that he'll get the opportunity to improve upon that resume in Winnipeg. The Jets are indeed in the process of a head coaching search — one wonders if new leadership could change what seems like an inevitable exit — but I believe that Ehlers will be shopped ahead of the NHL Draft. Ehlers has been shopped before, but never so seriously that talks reached the boiling point. Things could be different this summer."

With the announcement of his potential availability, fans of teams from all over the map have made their desire for this player known. Though he could leave the Jets, his power as a player does not go totally unnoticed.

With this season's playoffs still underway yet behind the Jets, Winnipeg may have a little while longer before any updates on the team's strategy for this summer. However, with a trade this big, it could spell trouble for their opponents next season.

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Jets reportedly make forward Nikolaj Ehlers available for trade
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Winnipeg reportedly looking to trade forward Nikolaj Ehlers

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