Tyson Barrie Reveals He was Almost Traded for Erik Karlsson

Published September 29, 2023 at 10:47

Pens Win Karlsson Race but Could Have Ended Somewhere Else

As you know, the derby to get Erik Karlsson was a big one. Many teams were interested, but the Pittsburgh Penguins, with the help of the Montreal Canadiens, ended up making the best offer to the Sharks.


Now, the Pens are in the best state they've been in years and are true Stanley Cup contenders.

Even if Karlsson isn't expected to match his performances from last season, he'll play a huge role in his new team's success.

In a recent declaration, former Oilers defenseman Tyson Barrie, who was traded to Nashville, revealed that he was almost sent to San Jose instead.

Former Oiler Reveals He Was Almost Traded for Karlsson


Ken Holland, the Oilers' GM, traded Tyson Barrie for Mattias Ekholm at the last trade deadline, and it was a surprise for the former Oiler.

"Leaving Edmonton was tough on me, for sure. I thought we made some steps the year before, went to the Conference Final. I felt like a big part of that, felt like I was having a pretty good year, and I didn't really think I was on the radar."

After months of Karlsson trade rumors, one involved Barrie, and he talked with Holland to know what was going on.


Barrie said that he almost ended up in San Jose:

"I had heard some Erik Karlsson rumors. I talked to [Holland], and he told me, ‘Hey, that's kind of the only place you're going to go if we have a chance to get Erik Karlsson.' I said, ‘Hey, I get it, no problem.' Something came together last minute, kind of caught me off guard."

Karlsson with Edmonton would have been great to see, but we're glad he's in Pittsburgh with Sidney Crosby, Kris Letang, and Evgeny Malkin as they hope to win a Stanley Cup before it's too late.

As seen on Oilers Daily - Ex-Oilers Defenseman Barrie Tells All About How Holland Tried to Acquire Karlsson
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Tyson Barrie Reveals He was Almost Traded for Erik Karlsson

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