Report: NHL Team to Trade for Lindholm over Scheifele

Published July 24, 2023 at 3:59 PM

The Boston Bruins have been a team that many fans have expected a big move from this off-season, and while they've made some smaller moves, we may now know what the holdup is.

A top forward over another


According to a recent report from Scott Billeck of the Winnipeg Sun, the Bruins love the idea of trading for Jets veteran Mark Scheifele, but the hold up on a move is that they reportedly prefer Calgary's Elias Lindholm.

Lindholm has reportedly been offered a massive deal over eight years from Calgary, and has put the organization on hold as he decides on his future, but it appears as though it's not the only franchise he's put on hold.

Two great options

Over the past two years, the production has been similar from these two with Lindholm putting up 146 points over 162 games, while Scheifele has tallied 138 over 148 games for Winnipeg.

Regardless, it looks like Boston are preparing to make a big splash after a record setting 2022-23 regular season, and when Lindholm finally makes his decision in Calgary, it could trigger a massive shift in the landscape of the NHL as we know it.

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Report: NHL Team to Trade for Lindholm over Scheifele

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