Insider Reveals The Type Of Return The Leafs Want For A Nylander Trade

Published September 15, 2023 at 3:57 PM

A potential William Nylander Trade has been of question this entire offseason. In a recent interview, an NHL insider noted the type of return the Leafs want for a Nylander trade.

Jack Eichel Type Trade

In a recent podcast, Mark Masters was asked why the Leafs don't just trade Nylander one-for-one for a top defenseman to solve their issues on the back end. He responded that the Leafs would be looking for a trade similar to the Eichel Deal, where the Sabres got a bunch of assets in return in a midseason trade.

Nylander's the Best Contract for the Leafs

Masters went on to state how under the current "Shanaplan", Nylander is a core piece of the puzzle. Right now, Nylander is the best contract that the Leafs have, being a 40-goal scorer for under 7 million dollars.

At least for this coming season, Nylander is the best contract they got.» He adds, «He's under $7 million and 40 goals.

«The belief with the Shana-Plan and this Leafs philosophy has been, if you have those four guys, then you're going to have a chance every season and you're in the playoffs, which they don't want to take for granted.»

It's quite likely that Treliving is content with keeping Nylander unsigned during this year. If the Leafs start out strong, he will treat Nylander as an "owned rental" or even try and work a deal out as the season progresses. However, by keeping him unsigned, if the Leafs don't come out to a hot start, Treliving can use Nylander's remaining contract as a good bargaining tool to gain a huge number of assets for the future.

As seen on NHL Trade Talk - "Reporter Says Maple Leafs Looking for Jack Eichel-Type Trade"
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Insider Reveals The Type Of Return The Leafs Want For A Nylander Trade

Should the Leafs trade, extend, or keep Nylander as an "owned rental"?

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Extend him5835.4 %
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