Insider Claims The Edmonton Oilers Are Open To Trade Offers For All Players Except McDavid And Draisaitl

Published November 23, 2023 at 6:01 PM

Today an NHL insider with a pulse on the situation in Edmonton dropped some major news on potential trades.

Oilers Heading For A Firesale?

Ryan Rishaug a reporter for TSN based in Edmonton took to X today to share his thoughts on the future of the Oilers. Contrary to previous reports he believes the Oilers could be active on the trade market.

Oilers/Holland thread:

All eyes are on Ken Holland right now and rightfully so. My sense is, outside their first round pick, all assets and options (29,97 aside) are in play to try and find a fix. Prospects, 2nd rounders, roster players, all of it on the table.../

Beyond their assets that are projected to help them most long term the Oilers are open to trading several different assets. Some could be used in buying moves others in selling moves.

Rishaug believes if the team plans to contend there are a few areas they need to address immediately.

but what Holland cannot do with his team in total free-fall - is nothing. Here are some things I believe they should be looking for outside G and D - any of these elements would be a positive add
-Cup experience
-Positive locker room presence/energy..

With this in mind Rishaug has a player in mind that could fit all of these boxes.

Insider Suggests A Trade Target For Struggling Oilers

With the Oilers in need of a big boost, Ryan Rishaug thinks a good fit can be found.


A player like Pat Maroon would fit the bill on all three of these fronts - (Not sure his availability). There are others who check one or two of the boxes. Point is - Holland has to find a way to check a box, and it needs to happen now.

Maroon provides pedigree, toughness, and is known for being a great locker room presence. With the Minnesota Wild struggling this season they may be willing to part with Maroon for a price.

Rishaug also mentions that he expects Jack Campbell to get another NHL shot this season. With the goaltender struggles all around and him starting to find his game in the AHL a call up could come.

Also, wouldn't be shocked to see Campbell get another look at some point. After a shaky start his game is turning a bit - we'll see, but solutions must also be found/generated internally.

Finally, if the core players don't find their collective game - and fast - none of this will matter much in the end (end)

He also mentions the biggest factor in all of this which is the Oilers superstars playing like it. The next few weeks could be key in determining which way the Oilers go with their season.
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Insider Claims The Edmonton Oilers Are Open To Trade Offers For All Players Except McDavid And Draisaitl

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