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NHL Redraws Draft Lottery a Shocking Four Times

Published May 8, 2024 at 5:57 PM

We finally know what the results were of the underwhelming 2024 NHL Draft Lottery for Macklin Celebrini. NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman along with several media members and an official auditor conducted the draw behind closed doors, but it was several redraws before the final order.

The draw took place officially before the TV airing, the two drawings conducted were to crown the first and second overall picks through a combination of four digits.

A rare situation unfolded when there was not one, not two, but four drawings to figure out who picked first overall and who picked second overall.

Typically, the first two drawings determine who selects where and the rules in place to do a redraw rarely happen. Yesterday, that happened twice.

Greg Wyshynski laid it out, San Jose won the first three draft lottery draws and the Chicago Blackhawks finally won the fourth drawing for the second overall pick.

Wyshynski notes that it is the first time that one, let alone two redraws have happened in NHL Draft Lottery history.

Sheng Peng notes that there are supposed to be two draws for the draft lottery, only unlikely circumstances force a redraw and it's never actually happened.

The reported order for how the Sharks won the first three drawings:

San Jose won the first overall pick in the first drawing and then won the second overall pick in the second and third drawings.

What a crazy and unreal way for the draft lottery to happen, even if none of us watching the TV presentation knew it at the time.

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NHL Redraws Draft Lottery a Shocking Four Times

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