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Gary Bettman Robs Connor McDavid Of $1 Million

Published February 17, 2024 at 6:09 PM

The All-Stars competitions are not only a needed break from the regular NHL season but also a chance for some of the players to showcase skills that may not get highlighted in a standard game. This is also an opportunity for the most adept players to win a great payout. It appears that after this season's competition, one winner still has not received their due.

Connor McDavid Remains Unpaid After Winning All-Stars Skill Competition

This season, Connor McDavid of the Edmonton Oilers was one of the clear standouts in the All-Stars festivities. After a series of challenges, his skill level earned him the $1 million prize. According to him in a recent interview with ESPN, he has still not been paid.

"Connor McDavid says he hasn't received the $1million he won at the skills competition and when he does, he wants to take care of the trainers in Edmonton.

Source: ESPN"

With the skills competition nearly three weeks behind us, the fact that he has not yet received his check is unacceptable. Bettman's net worth is estimated at over $175 million. There is no reason he could not have been able to fork it over sooner.

McDavid Vows To Use Money To Help Edmonton Trainers

While Bettman's generosity is currently in question, McDavid has instead taken the route to charitability, vowing to make sure trainers in Edmonton are taken care of.

«'I haven't got it yet, I still gotta figure it out. Made sure the trainers are taken care of and we'll go from there.'»

This is a noble gesture from this veteran on the ice, and I am sure greatly appreciated by those who helped McDavid become the player he is today. Hopefully, Bettman can take a page out of this captain's book and not only pay McDavid what he is rightfully due but potentially help make sure all trainers are taken care of.
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Gary Bettman Robs Connor McDavid Of $1 Million

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