Gary Bettman Opens Up About the Tragic Passing of Chris Simon

Graham Montgomery
March 20, 2024  (6:59 PM)

Former NHL forward Chris Simon on the bench for the Chicago Blackhawks
Photo credit: ESPN

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman addressed the death of Chris Simon today, revealing the league's most up-to-date position on CTE. The league continues to deny that the condition is caused by repeated head trauma.

Bettman Refuses To Answer CTE Question After Former Enforcer's Death

The NHL league offices were asked a few questions about Chris Simon's death today. Simon's family has made a statement saying that the former enforcer was clearly suffering from CTE and they believe that was a major contributing factor in his early death.
"The family strongly believes and witnessed firsthand, that Chris struggled immensely from CTE which unfortunately resulted in his death," the statement said.

However, when Bettman was asked about Simon's case and whether or not CTE was involved, he deflected by saying that the league has taken measures to make the game safer. He would not specifically comment on CTE in general or with regards to Simon's death.
Bettman was asked today about Chris Simon's suicide and his family's statement with their belief that he has CTE, which can only be diagnosed posthumously.

«Chris' passing is tragic, it's sad. We extend our deepest condolences to his family and friends. And, you know, on all of these matters, we wait to see what the medical experts tell us. Having said that, I think it's well documented with all of the progress that we've made over the last couple decades to make the game as safe as possible.»

NHL Continues To Deny CTE Link To Repeated Head Trauma

While it is true that further research is still required in this particular area, studies have shown that Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, or CTE, is most likely caused by repeated traumatic head injuries. At this point, this is an accepted reality in the medical field. However, the NHL continues to reject this reality as they ignore the issue by claiming that 'the science is still lacking.'
Asked Bill Daly whether the #NHL's viewpoint has changed with additional medical studies that show a definitive link between CTE and repeated blows to the head.

«No,» Daly said. «I think the science is still lacking.»

The NHL cannot ignore this issue forever. At some point there will be enough scientific evidence that will show the league has been wrong the entire time. Whether or not the current administration will ever admit that remains to be seen.
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Gary Bettman Opens Up About the Tragic Passing of Chris Simon

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