Former NHLer Bobby Ryan Fired From Podcast For Social Media Comments

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April 5, 2024  (10:48 PM)

Former Ottawa Senators Forward Bobby Ryan
Photo credit: Sportsnet

After disappointing hockey fans everywhere, former NHLer Bobby Ryan has been fired from his position with the popular Ottawa Senators podcast Coming In Hot following a series of divisive posts about women's sports.

Bobby Ryan was a forward with the NHL for 14 years, playing with the Anaheim Ducks, Ottawa Senators, and Detroit Red Wings. However, after overcoming alcohol issues to win the Masterson Trophy in 2020, this retired player has had another, disappointing fall from grace.
His first comment was a reply to data scientist and Stathletes co-founder Meghan Chayka, who shared her observation that women's basketball is very popular this year. Ryan could not let the post sit for three hours before discrediting the league entirely.
"Name 7 players. Not 1. Not 25-7.
First and last namesgo for it"

He was quickly met with retorts from fans of the sport, who either shared players' names or called him some. With Bobby Ryan's history of incendiary critique, this retired player had no problem doubling down, replying to seemingly any random user who replied.
After facing the wrath of X users, Ryan eventually discredited women's sports entirely in a now-deleted post, ultimately tripling down on his inappropriate behavior. Even after this was called out, he could not leave the situation alone.
"Guys...holy hell. Relax!!!!
It's 843 and I want to go home and pretend like women's sports are a thing."

"Actuallywatch this Chris."

With this onslaught of egregious remarks and poor internet behavior, it seemed that Coming In Hot was left with no choice but to cut ties with Bobby Ryan.
"Earlier this week, Bobby Ryan made comments on social media that do not align with our show or that of our sponsors and partner, The Nation Network. As a result, we have mutually decided to part ways."

Fans are unsurprisingly divided on the matter, with some believing that his statements were not worthy of termination or downright correct. Others, alternatively, believe that his removal was necessary, or at least justified provided that the podcast has no reason to align with that should they not want to.
Whether or not you agree with Ryan's remarks, it is ultimately the responsibility of the employer to decide if someone should keep their job, and he is far from the first person to lose their job over their behavior on social media. This will likely serve as a learning lesson for future sports podcasters, and hopefully it opens the door for more women to feel welcomed as hockey fans.
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Podcast parts ways with Bobby Ryan following social media comments
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Former NHLer Bobby Ryan Fired From Podcast For Social Media Comments

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