Jets Coach Rick Bowness on his load management plan down the stretch

TJ Tucker
April 5, 2024  (6:48 PM)

Rick Bowness behind the bench for the Winnipeg Jets
Photo credit: CTV News Winnipeg

With just a handful of games left to go in the 2023-24 season, Rick Bowness has revealed his load management strategy and when players can expect to be rested.

The Winnipeg Jets have have won their last two games. However, the Jets special teams under Bowness caused a fall from first place not that long ago as the team struggled to get sporadic wins. While the Jets recently clinched a playoff spot, Bowness is not letting anyone get too conformable, and stated in no uncertain terms that he's not a fan of resting players going into the post season.
"#NHLJets HC Rick Bowness on potentially load-managing players down the stretch: "We want to make sure we're playing well. I've seen teams that have rested guys, and you lose the edge, you do. It kind of backfires. So you run that risk of resting guys and losing the edge..."

However, Rick Bowness said there is one condition where players will be rested before the 2024 Stanley Cup Playoffs begin.
"If a guy is banged up a little bit, then he won't play. That's the difference, but if they're rested and they're fresh and they want to play, we're gonna keep going, until we get to those last couple (games) and we'll figure it out from there."

There is one member of the Winnipeg Jets who may have to wait until the playoffs before he sees action again. Jets' Nino Niederreiter is out with a leg laceration and will not play Saturday against the Minnesota Wild.
Rick Bowness also told media why he recently switched Nikolaj Ehlers and Kyle Connor during a game. He was his regular blunt self.
"Well you saw Cole set up Nik, and we had them together earlier and it didn't work, so I said let's just try it a little bit and see if it's gonna work... and it didn't work."

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Jets Coach Rick Bowness on his load management plan down the stretch

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