Marlies enforcer Kyle Clifford attacking Thunderbirds Joseph Duszak in a game in the AHL.
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Former NHL Enforcer Goes On A Tirade In The AHL After A Disrespectful Celebration From The Other Team

Published March 10, 2024 at 2:39 PM

Enforcers are starting to make a comeback in professional hockey. The success and fame of Matt Rempe in recent weeks has caused an uptick in fighting. This trickled down to the AHL last night when a former NHL enforcer decided to cause chaos.

AHL Star Disrespects His Former Team With A Wild Celebration

Last night the Toronto Marlies and Springfield Thunderbirds went against one another in the AHL.

This game was particularly special for Thunderbirds forward Joseph Duszak who used to play for the Marlies. Duszak in the third period got his revenge with a beautiful wraparound goal. After scoring Duszak went on to have a long drawn-out celebration with his teammates while trash-talking the Marlies.

Joseph Duszak finds the back of the net against his former team and has some words for the #Marlies.

Former NHL enforcer Kyle Clifford was not a fan of these antics from Duszak. He was so upset in fact that on the very next faceoff he took matters into his own hands.

Former NHL Enforcer Attacks Ex-Teammate

Clifford lined up against Duszak on the faceoff immediately following the goal. Once the puck was dropped Clifford found Duszak and began to cross check him repeatedly. Eventually Clifford wanted more and dropped his gloves and began attacking Duszak with punches.

Duszak went to the ice to protect himself at which point the referees had to step in and hold back Clifford who showed no signs of letting up. This is a classic clash of new-school hockey with fun outlandish celebrations and old-school hockey built on respect and humility.

The Marlies and Thunderbirds next meet on April 3rd. The rivalry has now grown and there is sure to be fireworks again when these two teams meet.

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Former NHL Enforcer Goes On A Tirade In The AHL After A Disrespectful Celebration From The Other Team

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