Corey Perry while playing for the Chicago Blackhawks
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Blackhawks Punished for Poor Handling of Corey Perry Situation

Published March 16, 2024 at 11:04

While the deed was done months ago, the NHL has decided the Chicago Blackhawks need to pay for the way the termination of Corey Perry's contract was terminated. It comes in the form of a monetary penalty for the team.

League Punishes Blackhawks after Team Released Corey Perry

As you may recall, Perry has signed with the Blackhawks at the beginning of the 2023-24 season, and was brought in as an experienced mentor for the team's younger players as its front office management went into rebuild. However, at a press conference in late November, GM Kyle Davidson announced that Perry's contract had been terminated due to an issue off the ice. While the issue was never fully explained, the termination went through, and Perry became a free agent. At the beginning, it was believed Chicago would have to pay Perry just over $1 million of the $4 million he signed on for this season. However, that is not the case.

In its newest ruling, the NHL says the Blackhawks will be charged for three quarters of the $4 million deal.

"Our understanding of Perry termination/grievance resolution is #Blackhawks were assessed $1.99M Cap Charge for period after termination.

On top of the $1.02M cap charge while with team, CHI total cap charge will be $3.01M of Perry's original $4M contract."

Chicago Blackhawks Punished for Terminating Corey Perry's Contract

Following his release from Chicago, Perry signed a deal with the Edmonton Oilers for the remainder of this season. Pro-rated for when he began his time in Edmonton, Perry will receive $350,000 from the Oilers with bonuses, in addition to the money he's received from Chicago.


"Perry will make $351K in salary with #LetsGoOilers, plus he's earned $225K in bonuses and could earn another $100K."

Perry had the opportunity to file a grievance over his termination in Chicago. However, the matter was settled between the two parties without that needing to happen. Perry has played 20 games with Edmonton this season, scoring 5 goals and 7 points.
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Blackhawks Punished for Poor Handling of Corey Perry Situation

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