Player Involved in the Tragic Adam Johnson Incident Forced to Delete Social Media

Published October 30, 2023 at 11:04

After the tragic Adam Johnson incident, the other player involved in the accident was forced to delete their social media because of disgusting comments.

Matt Petgrave Forced To Delete Social Media Due to Disgusting Comments

Social media can be one of the worst windows into human behaviour, and it was no different following the tragic accident that occurred to Adam Johnson over the weekend. Matt Petgrave, the other player involved in the accident, was immediately berated on social media, as terrible people jumped to conclusions and made vile allegations. This forced Petgrave to delete his social media in order to get away from death threats and horrible comments.

Matt Petgrave had to lock all of his socials due to death threats, & people just being absolute scum bag humans

I've met Matt, plenty of times. If you think because he has a lot of penalty minutes that he's a horrible human you're wrong

Quit being a** hole humans for f*ck sake

Comments Are Straight Up Racist in Many Instances

Anyone who knows hockey and has played before, or has the slightest amount of compassion, knows that this was a terrible accident. To jump to a conclusion is ignorant, but to add outright racism is revolting. The attacks are clearly not about the incident.

Petgrave does not deserve to be treated this way after going through the tragedy, and hockey has no place for racism.

Got people on his posts calling him a N****. Wishing death on him. F*ck you people are horrible

As seen on Puck Reporter - "Matt Petgrave Forced to Abandon Social Media After Being Attacked for Adam Johnson's Passing"
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Player Involved in the Tragic Adam Johnson Incident Forced to Delete Social Media

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