Kevin Bieksa and Ron Maclean reportedly fired at Sportsnet

Published July 14, 2023 at 11:21

Major Cuts at Sportsnet

It looks like Sportsnet's Hockey Night in Canada broadcast will be completely different next season, except for Elliotte Friedman. The channel will reportedly clean house.

Howard Berger, a former Sportsnet employee, made the following statement:

"We may not recognize the Hockey Night In Canada panel next season. Based on what I'm told, only Elliotte Friedman is safe from the changes and cost-cutting measures on the horizon."

MacLean and Bieksa Out?


Longtime employee Ron MacLean is particularly targeted in the rumors.

Once again reported by Berger:

"Hockey Night studio commentators Ron MacLean, Kelly Hrudey, Kevin Bieksa, and Jennifer Botterill remain to be determined, but MacLean's future, in particular, seems tenuous. For the bulk of 37 years — by far the longest tenure of any person — MacLean has hosted Hockey Night intermissions, taking over (in 1986) from Dave Hodge."

This has been a long time coming for many fans who grew tired of MacLean's style.

What's more worrying is that Bieksa's name was also tossed around. He has proven to be one of the best in the business, and his departure could hurt the channel.

As reported on Hockey Feed - Rumor: Bieksa, Hrudey and Ron MacLean are out at Sportsnet
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Kevin Bieksa and Ron Maclean reportedly fired at Sportsnet

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