Worry Continues To Grow About Maple Leafs Locker Room Issues

Published July 13, 2023 at 4:45 PM

The Toronto Maple Leafs are being reported to not be having the easiest time with team bonding and a lack of chemistry has been being displayed on the ice.

Former Leafs Comment On Dysfunction

Earlier this offseason, the Leafs saw trade deadline acquirements Ryan O'Reilly and Luke Schenn both leave and sign new contracts with the Nashville Predators.

After the disappointing second round exit in last year's playoffs to the Florida Panthers, the two made some comments about the lack of bonding within the roster in Toronto.

In both of their exit interviews, they each touched on how the little things have piled up to prove a dysfunction of the culture in the locker room such as players deciding not to host team dinners and isolating themselves for their meals.

Sheldon Keefe says this is the first series in his time where all Leafs players are eating dinner together on the road. Believes being on the road will help them not get overwhelmed by size of the moment.

Tavares Wrong Captain Choice?

A radio crew also recently addressed this outlying issue that the Leafs are facing and made the point that it may not have been the right decision to point John Tavares as the team's captain.

With the team showing their lack of chemistry, the attention has been brought to if Tavares is failing to do his job of keeping everyone close together. With additions such as Ryan Reaves this offseason to bring some light into the locker room, we will see if there is any improvement come the start of next season.

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Worry Continues To Grow About Maple Leafs Locker Room Issues

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