Gary Bettman's Controversial Salary Sparks Outrage

Published September 5, 2023 at 9:08

Gary Bettman's salary has been brought to the attention of the public and fans are outraged.

Fan Backlash On Social Media

In a recent revelation, Gary Bettman's yearly salary of $9.6 million has left NHL fans furious. This amount is significantly more than what 99% of NHL players earn, and it's causing a rightful uproar among fans.



Gary making 9.6 bananas a year is f***ing crazy. Gary you aren't out there on the front lines sacrificing your body. Pay the d**n players you cheap son of a b***h. I mean come on. This is ridiculous. 9.6?????? Gary, you have players making league minimum in Los Angeles and Anaheim and San Jose struggling to make ends meet to even fill their gas tanks to get to practice. You have the best athletes in the world (mcdavid, Matthews, Mackinnon, Pastrnak, Keller, Fox, Shesterkin, Larkin, Draisaitl, McAvoy, Nick Ritchie, Barabanov, Jack Hughes, Bratt, Petterson, Kyle Conner, Makar, Deslauriers, eichel, list goes on.) all making under 20M a year.

Maybe the conversation should shift from players taking pay cuts to build winning teams to Gary taking a pay cut to build a winning league. I've seen enough, I've heard enough, and I've HAD enough with this f***in s**t Gary. 9.6 bananas??????????? I'm DISGUSTED.

The Escrow Issue

Although Gary Bettman's salary appears to make him the 17th highest-paid player, there's a significant detail to consider: he doesn't pay escrow. Escrow is a 17.2% tax that players pay to support financially struggling teams and their players.

When we factor in escrow, Bettman's earnings would actually make him the fifth highest-paid player based on Average Annual Value (AAV). This would put him behind only MacKinnon, McDavid, Panarin, and Matthews, which many find absurd.

While Bettman plays a crucial role in the NHL, the stark contrast between his income and the players who generate the league's revenue is difficult to justify.

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Gary Bettman's Controversial Salary Sparks Outrage

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