REPORT: Shane Wright Could Make History For All The Wrong Reasons

Published September 4, 2023 at 8:31 PM

Shane Wright, initially hailed as the top prospect of the 2022 NHL Draft, has experienced a career trajectory full of unexpected twists since being selected fourth overall.

The Puzzling Journey of Wright

Shane Wright's journey in professional hockey took an unexpected turn during the previous few seasons. Widely regarded as the frontrunner for the first overall pick in 2022, he fell to 4th overall. He was expected to become a full-time NHLer last season but he found himself spending most of his time playing in the Ontario Hockey League (OHL) instead.


Now at the age of 19, the Seattle Kraken faces a pivotal decision regarding Wright's immediate future. They must determine whether he is prepared for the rigors of the NHL, if a stint in the AHL is more suitable, or if a return to the OHL is the best course of action.

Ron Francis, the Kraken's General Manager, appears to have a comprehensive plan in place for Wright's development.


Due to a pre-existing agreement between the NHL and the CHL, if Wright fails to secure a spot on the Kraken's roster, he would ordinarily be ineligible to play in the AHL and would instead be required to return to the OHL.

However, Ron Francis has revealed the Kraken's intention to request an exemption in the event that Wright doesn't make the NHL cut this year.

General manager Ron Francis said Seattle will seek a bye so Wright can play in the AHL to continue his development. The best solution, however, remains for Wright to shine in training camp and in the preseason games and to convince the Kraken to keep him in the NHL

Shane Wright is eager to begin the season with the Seattle Kraken, emphasizing the importance of merit in his approach:

I have to earn my spot. I have to earn my ice time and prove to the coaches that I belong in the NHL.

Wright's journey in professional hockey is far from ordinary, and the Kraken's decision regarding his development will undoubtedly be closely watched by fans and experts alike as they navigate this unique situation.

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REPORT: Shane Wright Could Make History For All The Wrong Reasons

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