Former NHLer Appears To Intentionally Kick Another Player In Heated Scrum

Published December 9, 2023 at 12:40

This former NHLer appeared to do the unthinkable during a heated scrum where he kicked another former NHLer.

Martin Frk Ejected From Game For Attempted Kick on Opponent.

There is so much talk about the dangers fo skate blades in hockey right now, that you'd think something like this would never happen. However, to everyone's surprise, it has. During a game in the Swiss National League, former NHLer Martin Frk was pushed into his own bench after missing a hit. While his opponent gave him a few shoves, he decided to use his feet to try and get him off, which is unthinkable.

🧐 Bad skating from Frk on Pilut!

Skating intentional or unintentional?

Its hard to tell whether Frk intentionally or unintentionally was swinging his feet around, however, the one angle of the incident looks terrible.

Supplimental Punishment Incoming for Frk

Frk was ejected from the game for the play, which was absolutely the right thing to do even if it was unintentional, as there needs to be some responsibility on the player to have control of his blades in this circumstance.


Reports have said that there is potential for supplemental punishment for Frk as a result of the play which the League will determine.

As seen on Blade of Steel - "A Battle Between Two Former NHLers Ends With What Appears to be an Intentional Kick"
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Former NHLer Appears To Intentionally Kick Another Player In Heated Scrum

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