NHL Insider Confirms Oilers Are Shopping Phillip Broberg But price Could Be An Issue

Published December 8, 2023 at 7:00 PM

Oilers defenseman Phillip Broberg has had quite a week. Conflicting reports have come out regarding his status with the Oilers but recent moves suggest that he may be on his way out of Edmonton soon.

NHL Insider Confirms That Edmonton Oilers Are Considering Trading Broberg

Today Elliotte Friedman confirmed on 32 thoughts that the Oilers are at least considering moving defenseman Phillip Broberg.

«I definitely think there's interest. I definitely think the Oilers know they can do this if they want, it's just a matter ofprice.»

@FriedgeHNIC on the Broberg talks

This comes after a report that Broberg had requested permission from the team to seek a trade and it was granted.

However, later reports then stated the exact opposite, that he was not in fact, given permission to seek a trade by the team.

Holland on @OilersNow says he did not give Darren Ferris (Broberg's agent) permission to speak to teams.

Says he understands why Broberg is frustrated, but stresses patience. States the misunderstanding has been resolved.

Also confirms Campbell will get one more opportunity.

Notably, Broberg was loaned to the AHL after news of his trade request became public. This could be seen as a form of punishment for the player for leaking false information. Regardless, it now does appear to be the case that Broberg may be on the move soon. However, he also was not playing very well in the NHL so that could be a coincidence.

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NHL Insider Confirms Oilers Are Shopping Phillip Broberg But price Could Be An Issue

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