Fans Upset With Alexander Ovechkin's Poor Performance This Season and Are Calling for His Retirement

Published December 9, 2023 at 10:37

Capitals fans are upset with Alexander Ovechkin after another loss and are even taking it as far as calling for him to retire due to his poor performance.

Washington Capitals Fans Upset With Ovechkin

Washington Capitals fans are losing it after another loss on Thursday night to the Dallas Stars, specifically on their leader Alexander Ovechkin. As Ovi continues to struggle this season, fans are now turning on him, even calling for him to retire.

Alex Ovechkin PLEASE retire #ALLCAPS

Alex Ovechkin needs to sit out some games or retire. He has slowed tremendously. His hands have regressed and he can't score on breakaways? It's sad but his game is over. @LukeAdomanis @Tarik_ElBashir


With Ovi being the face of the Capitals for so long, its shocking to see fans turn their backs when he starts to struggle, and it could mark the end of an era in Washington.

Ovechkin Still Reaching Milestones and Hunting for Gretzky's Record

Despite his slow year, Ovechkin was able to reach the major milestone of 1500 points in the loss to the Stars. However, his production has slowed. Ovechkin only has 5 goals this season and has struggled on the powerplay. At this rate, it will be difficult for him to reach Wayne Gretzky's goal record.


Alex Ovechkin is the 16th player in NHL history to reach the 1,500 point milestone!

Can Ovechkin still catch Gretzky?

@StevenPsihogios of @NorthStarBet breaks down Ovechkin's slow start to the season and how it affects his chase on Gretzky's record.

Hopefully, Ovechkin will return to his usual form and can catch the record that many thought was uncatchable.

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Fans Upset With Alexander Ovechkin's Poor Performance This Season and Are Calling for His Retirement

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