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NHL Investigating Mistreatment of Coyotes Star By Hospital Which Could Have Been Fatal

Published December 16, 2023 at 10:27

The NHL and NHLPA are currently investigating how this Arizona Coyotes star was treated by the local hospital after taking a puck to the face, which could have been fatal.

Valimaki Receives Mistreatment At Local Hospital Which Could Have Been Fatal

Juuso Valimaki suffered a terrible injury during the Coyotes game against the Dallas Stars a few weeks ago after he took a puck directly to the face. However, that wasn't the scariest part of Valimaki's night. After being taken directly to the hospital, Valimaki was told by Doctors to find a hotel room as they were too busy.

After initial observation, the overworked Dallas hospital staff told Valimaki to find a local hotel and come back in the morning, that their attention was turned toward more critical incoming trauma patients such as gunshot victims.

Doctors later told Valimaki that if he had returned to a hotel and slept it off as directed by the hospital, there was a chance he could have asphyxiated on his own blood


NHL and NHLPA Investigating Health Protocol And Incident

The NHL and NHLPA have confirmed that they are investigating the incident that occurred to Valimaki, as he was left at the hospital on his own with his wife and an employee of the Coyotes. The NHL's health protocol is not publicly available, so it is hard to determine whether or not any protocols were broken in the incident.


Valimaki is lucky that he and his wife were able to advocate for themselves enough to stay at the hospital until he could be treated. With many of Valimaki's teammates concerned over the events, it's clear the NHL will have to step in and rectify the event.

As seen on Daily Faceoff - "Sources: Coyotes' Valimaki left at Dallas hospital ‘unable to function' after puck to face Nov. 14"
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NHL Investigating Mistreatment of Coyotes Star By Hospital Which Could Have Been Fatal

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