BREAKING: Suspension Likely After Hit to the Head on Patrik Laine

Published October 20, 2023 at 9:51 PM

The Blue Jackets pulled off an upset victory over the Calgary Flames tonight as they took down the Pacific division team 3-1. Fans of the Blue Jackets will be worried about one of their star players though as Patrick Laine took a dirty hit in the dying seconds of the game.

Andersson Leaves Hit Feet

Just as the clock was winding down, with the outcome of the game already secured, Flames defenseman Rasmus Andersson laid a dirty and dangerous hit on Patrick Laine. As Laine was carrying the puck through the neutral zone, Andersson came across from the left wing to blindside him, leaving his feet in the process.

The hit immediately sparked outrage from players and fans alike. Both Flames fans and Blue Jackets fans were quick to call out the play.

That's a disgusting suspendable hit by Rasmus Andersson to end the game

Rasmus Andersson leaves his feet to hit Laine in the head right at the buzzer. Not a good look. Gudbranson jumped Andersson, gotta think the league will look at this one.

3- 1 Jackets win. But we're hoping Patty is ok. #CBJ

Andersson has been off to a hot start this year but he will likely get a call from the league for this one. The back referee did have his hand up immediately following the hit, but as the clock expired, both teams left the ice before we could get a call. We will have to wait for the official game score sheet to find out what the initial call was going to be. Charging has the option for minor, major, or match penalties.
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BREAKING: Suspension Likely After Hit to the Head on Patrik Laine

Is this hit suspension worthy?

Yes, 1-2 games6324 %
Yes, 3-4 games7628.9 %
Yes, 5+ games5621.3 %
No6825.9 %
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