Brothers Pierre-Olivier Joseph and Mathieu Joseph fight as their parents look on.
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Parents' Reaction To Their Son Starting An NHL Fight Goes Viral On Social Media

Published March 15, 2024 at 11:22


The Pittsburgh Penguins and the Ottawa Senators matchups hold a unique significance for the Joseph family, as they bring together Senator winger Mathieu Joseph and his younger brother, Penguins defenseman Pierre-Olivier Joseph, on the ice. The brothers, drafted two years apart, faced each other for the first time last year, presenting a delightful quandary for their parents regarding whom to support. Their ingenious solution involved alternating team jerseys: the father donned an Ottawa jersey for one game, while the mother sported Pittsburgh colors, and they switched for the next encounter.

Joseph Brother's Parents Are Meme-Worthy Every Time They Play Each Other

The family's sense of unity and humor was spotlighted during a game when a late third-period scrum involving Mathieu Joseph unfolded in front of the Penguins' goal. This incident, featuring Mathieu exchanging shoves and shots with opponents, led to a comical reaction from their parents, captured live on TV. The broadcast showed the mother looking at her husband with evident concern, while the father managed to maintain a stoic expression, much to the amusement of viewers.


This lighthearted moment epitomizes the Josephs' balanced support and the joy they find in their sons' professional rivalry, making every game between the Penguins and Senators a memorable family affair.

Parents of Senators' Joseph go viral for their hilarious reaction to their son starting a scrum with Letang
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Parents' Reaction To Their Son Starting An NHL Fight Goes Viral On Social Media

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