Winnipeg Jets captain Adam Lowry fighting St. Louis Blues captain Brayden Schenn.
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Lowry And Schenn Drop The Gloves For Captain Fight In Winnipeg

Published February 27, 2024 at 8:48 PM

Tonight things got intense between the Winnipeg Jets and St. Louis Blues in a Western Conference matchup. Things reached a boiling point when captains from both teams decided to drop the gloves and take matters into their own hands.

Lowry And Schenn Drop The Gloves In Epic Captain Fight

Early on in the game both sides were looking to set the tone for how this game would go. In that spirit both teams captains Adam Lowry of the Jets and Brayden Schenn of the Blues decided to engage in a fight.


Adam Lowry and Brayden Schenn drop the gloved in a heated tilt.

The highly intense fight between the two sides did indeed set the tone for this game. Adam Lowry ended up going to the locker room to get looked at as a result of the fight.

Not sure exactly why, but #NHLJets captain Adam Lowry and #STLBlues captain Brayden Schenn just dropped the gloves at centre ice.

Lowry scored the takedown, but went to the room instead of the penalty box, presumably for some kind of repairs.

As of now, the Jets find themselves up 3-1 near the end of the first period. It will be fun to see how the intensity continues throughout the rest of this game.
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Lowry And Schenn Drop The Gloves For Captain Fight In Winnipeg

Who won the fight?

Adam Lowry15878.6 %
Brayden Schenn4321.4 %
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