Medicine Hat Tigers forward Gavin McKenna (left) and his cousin of the Chicago Blackhawks Connor Bedard (right).
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Connor Bedard's Cousin Is Emerging As The Next Generational Draft Talent

Published February 6, 2024 at 6:11 PM

This season Connor Bedard is not the only member of his family that is tearing up the hockey world. One of his cousins is beginning to emerge as a top talent in the WHL where Bedard was also drafted from.

Bedard's Cousin Tearing Up Top Canadian Junior League

This season a cousin of rookie phenom Connor Bedard is putting the hockey world on notice. Gavin McKenna is in his first full season in the WHL. McKenna is showing that hockey talent runs in the family. In 43 WHL games, he has 65 points.

Gavin McKenna in January:

• 12 games
• 10 goals
• 19 assists (12 primaries)
• 46 SOG
• 8 multi-point games
• Goals 36-11 in his minutes

In January alone McKenna has picked up his game due to the absence of top 2024 Draft eligible prospect Cayden Lindstrom. If McKenna continues on his current track he could be not only the best player in his draft but the best player in his family.

Bedard Vs. McKenna Who Wins The Family Rivalry Of Generational Talents?

With Gavin McKenna not draft-eligible until 2026 we have quite some time before we see these two on NHL ice together. In that time it will be fascinating to debate which had the better junior career and which will end up as the better NHLer.

Bedard had his career in the WHL cut short by the pandemic which hindered his point totals. This season McKenna is on pace for 93 points which is only 7 off of Bedard's second year in the WHL. Both players have elite skill sets but in very different ways.

Bedard of course is known for his shot and hockey IQ to get into space to use his shot. McKenna on the other hand is more of a playmaker who uses his vision and high-end skating to get the job done.

As Bedard continues on his NHL path and McKenna gets closer to being drafted these talks and comparisons of an elite-level hockey family will only continue.

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Connor Bedard's Cousin Is Emerging As The Next Generational Draft Talent

Who will be a better NHL player?

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