Winnipeg Jets defenseman Brenden Dillon
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Winnipeg Jets Defenseman Brenden Dillon Comments On His Three-Game Suspension

Published February 17, 2024 at 9:47

Brenden Dillon took a brief sabbatical from Jets hockey after being suspended and he has now broken his silence on the matter.

Dillon Lays Suspension Worthy Hit

Last week, Winnipeg Jets defenseman Brenden Dillon laid this hit on Noel Acciari.

Brenden Dillon with a BRUTAL hit to the head of Noel Acciari 😬

Dillon has been ejected from the game.

As a result of this hit, Dillon was suspended for three games.

Winnipeg's Brenden Dillon has been suspended for three games for an illegal check to the head on Pittsburgh's Noel Acciari.

Yesterday was Dillon's first day where he could return and he has shared his thoughts on the events that transpired.

Dillon Comments On His Suspension

In an interview, Dillon said the following about the hit and his suspension.

«Hockey's a physical, superfast game that split-second decisions are happening all over the ice. At the end of the day, I'm conscious of being physical out there. I tried to keep my arm down. You never want to see anyone get hit in the head like that. You feel terrible for the outcome for Noel and hope that he is healthy and feeling better. I play the game physical. I try to play as hard as I can but within the confines of what we're allowed to do." - Brenden Dillon

Dillon then went on to comment on how he felt he tried to play within the confines of the rules.

"It is a hockey play, I feel, and I'm leading with my stick. But it is unfortunate when where Noel gets hit there and, again, wish and hope he's back there soon." - Dillon on the hit and subsequent suspension

The Jets now take on the Canucks tonight and will look to steal 2 points from one of the best teams in the NHL.

As seen on the Winnipeg Sun - Jets' Dillon 'excited' for return after three-game suspension
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Winnipeg Jets Defenseman Brenden Dillon Comments On His Three-Game Suspension

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