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The Winnipeg Jets Structure might be their main weak link

Published March 26, 2024 at 10:12

During the final episode of "32 Thoughts" on the "Hockey" podcast, hockey insider Elliotte Friedman couldn't help but make a few pointed observations with the Winnipeg Jets now possessing three straight losses in this very difficult stretch.

What is wrong with the jets

Preparing to meet an Edmonton Oilers team not really in the best of moods themselves, looking to rebound after failing to in a pair of games. Such an analysis by Friedman reveals some of the performance dynamics at work for the Jets and key points for change. Structure was one of the key points that Friedman brought out about how the Jets played, whereby their performance would bring out a huge difference between sticking or most probably not sticking to the blueprint laid.
And that was one thing we really noticed: He was such an important guy to this team
Friedman describes the fact.

His comments are reflective of the Jets' recent struggles, again pointed to most especially in a game against the Islanders, where Winnipeg looked a completely different team while suffering from an organizational breakdown that saw them give up 21 more shots than they took. This observation tends to bring to the concept that while most of the teams do experience fluctuations in the performance, the departure of the Jets from the structured approach not only assists in playing the team on one hand but, on a different hand, reduces its competitiveness. Friedman has already talked about this in the past here

Friedman said the Jets
had found it very difficult to recalibrate once their predefined strategy starts to come apart, unlike other teams who can either outskill their structural lapses or simply free wheel with imaginative, unscripted play.

Many sports writters are trying to figure out why the Winnipeg are struggling right now

The Jets vs. Oilers Matchup

As the Jets gear up to take on the Oilers, the emphasis on sticking to their game plan becomes ever more crucial.

Both teams look to bounce back from recent setbacks, though the key for Winnipeg might just be their own ability to not lose discipline and structure throughout the game. The potent formula of success for the New York Jets, he said, is putting the challenge into practice on a consistent basis—something that has been an elusive concept, again, for the Jets, especially when the pressure has been turned up. It represents an opportunity for the Jets tonight to begin doing just that, showing they can take the adjustments made this week and follow their game plan, possibly beginning to turn their season around in the process.

Confronted with an Oilers team just as eager for redemption, the Oilers, as for the Winnipeg, have some internal issues that need to be fixed before the playoffs. One of the main issue the Oilers are having is Evander Kane that was a healthly scratch last game. Insider reveals why Kane was benched last game.

The Jets are in the spotlight to see if they take what Friedman saw off the ice and turn it into something that can be practiced on the ice.
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The Winnipeg Jets Structure might be their main weak link

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