Winnipeg Jets Receiving Calls About a Potential Trade for Young Defenseman

Published December 7, 2023 at 9:52

The Winnipeg Jets, while not actively shopping him around, are receiving calls for this young defenseman for a potential trade.

Jets Receiving Calls About Defenseman Logan Stanley

The hottest asset around the league right now seems to be a fairly paid stay-at-home defenseman, as many teams look to reinforce their bluelines as the season continues. Any team with a potential defenseman to trade is going to get calls about them.

That includes the Winnipeg Jets and their young defenseman Logan Stanley. While the Jets aren't shopping him, a defenseman is so valuable right now it has been reported they are getting calls anyway.

«Teams have been kicking the tires on Jets D Logan Stanley. The 25yo is making $1 million and is an RFA. He's rugged and can block shots. It's fair to say the Jets aren't shopping Stanley, but that's not stopping league executives from calling to see what it might take» #NHLJets

Jets Are Fighting For Playoff Contention And Might Not Be Willing to Trade

The Jets are in an interesting position, as they have committed to winning in the next few years, as signalled by their signing of Mark Scheifele and Connor Hellebuyck to long-term deals. They could afford to lose Stanley, as he has only played in 4 games this season.

Logan Stanley, signed 1x$1M by WPG, is one of those tall fellas.

Because of the demand for defensemen, the Jets could significantly upgrade their roster without losing too much in Stanley.

We will see if the Jets are willing to listen when the calls are made.
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Winnipeg Jets Receiving Calls About a Potential Trade for Young Defenseman

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