Former NHL Head Coach Takes On New Position With German Hockey Club

Published November 27, 2023 at 7:14 PM

Being a head coach in the National Hockey League means accepting that you have very little job security. One man that knows this just as well as anybody is former NHL head coach Dallas Eakins.

Dallas Eakins Accepts New Coaching Role Outside Of The NHL

The hockey world is relatively small. There are only so many coahcing jobs to go around and the same people generally get the same positions over and over again, just with different teams each time. Today one former NHL coach took that trend to another level when he agreed to go to Mannheim Germany.

Dallas Eakins is now the GM of @adlermannheim. He will coach until the end of this season, and then re-assess that position. Bit of a career swerve for him.

It seems as though Eakins will likely serve as a temporary head coach as his main job will be to serve as Alder Mannheim's general manager. As a result, we will likely see him select a new head coach to take over behind the bench at the end of this season so that he can spend all his time focusing on running the team.

Eakins Looking To Join NHL Front Office As General Manager?

This new job could be a way for Eakins to position himself for an upper management role with an NHL club as he will gain some valuable experience as a general manager of a hockey club.

Dallas Eakins has been hired by Mannheim in the DEL as GM and Coach. Eakins has agreed to go until the end of the year and will then reassess. Adding GM responsibility to his resume is a smart move by the veteran coach.

Eakins has 404 games of experience as a head coach in the NHL. His overall record is 136-210-58 for a .410 points percentage. Those numbers certainly are not great so perhaps he is better suited for a front office role anyway. However, it must be noted that Eakins has not had the best teams to work with as a coach, so some of that criticism is a but unfair.

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Former NHL Head Coach Takes On New Position With German Hockey Club

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