Russian Goaltender Passes Away After Scary Medical Event

Published November 27, 2023 at 5:00 PM

Over the weekend some somber news was announced regarding a player in a Russian amateur hockey league.

Russian Goaltender Passes Away

This weekend reports out of Russia confirmed that a goaltender passed away during an amateur hockey league game. The goalie 62-year-old Nikolai Kuznetsov suffered from a medical emergency during warmups.

What is the cause of death? We don't yet have all the information ourselves. I personally wasn't here at the game. It happened late. Goalkeeper Nikolai Kuznetsov was 62 years old. We are in touch with the hockey player's relatives. We will help them in everything." Director of SHL (Russian amateur league) Sergei Stolyarov

Kuznetsov passed out on the ice and was attended to by those in the arena. Unfortunately for Kuznetsov, there were no medical personnel on the scene.

Amateur League Refuses Ambulances As Cost Cutting Measure

According to reports from league director Sergei Stolyarov the SHL decided not to have ambulances or medical personnel on site. This was a joint decision made by the league and its member teams.

We talked with the teams before the season. They refused to take ambulances because it would make the championship more expensive. We will gather the division council. We are definitely in favor of ambulances being present at matches.

While these teams may have a few more dollars in their pockets they also are now without a member of their hockey community. With this tragic passing and another just a few weeks ago in Russian amateur hockey, things might change for the future.

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Russian Goaltender Passes Away After Scary Medical Event

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