Patrick Kane Strongly Considering Signing With Hated Blackhawks Rival

Published November 27, 2023 at 6:55 PM

The NHL has been patiently awaiting Patrick Kane's final decision as to what his next team will be. The 35-year-old superstar winger has been out of the league so far this season since he has been recovering from offseason hip resurfacing surgery. Now it seems that we will know his final choice very soon.

Detroit Red Wings Favorite To Land Kane

One team that has been consistently involved in the Patrick Kane rumors has been the Detroit Red Wings. Kane has ties to the team in the form of his former teammate Alex Debrincat. During their time together in Chicago, Kane assisted on more than half of DeBrincat's goals. According to NHL insider Elliotte Friedman, the superstar is now 'seriously considering' signing in Detroit.

Friedman talking Patrick Kane and Red Wings on TJMS: «There's a lot of people who seem to think that he's if not leaning that way, he's definitely, strongly considering Detroit. I can't say 100% but there's definitely a lot of noise out there»

Several other teams have been consistently involved in Kane rumors. Among the most notable teams involved have been the Maple Leafs, Panthers, Stars. Now it seems like one of these contenders has fallen out of the Kane Sweepstakes.

Dallas Stars No Longer Interested In Kane?

According to Elliotte Friedman, Dallas has been Kane's preferred destination. However, based on the way he phrased it, it seems as though Dallas is no longer an option for Kane. Jeff Marek added that the Stars seem to be a bit uncomfortable with the idea of signing Kane due to their experience in dealing with players recovering from hip surgery.

Friedman mentioned on TJMS that the Dallas Stars were Patrick Kane's preferred destination. Marek on SN: «They have 2 players in Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn that both had similar surgeries and it took them 2 years to get back to playing the way they're expected to play, so I think that's caused the Dallas Stars to go a little bit cold on this»

Neither Seguin nor Benn had the same surgery as Kane and yet both of them still dealt with a very long recovery process. One could argue that neither player has been the same since their procedures, especially Tyler Seguin. The procedure Kane underwent is one of the toughest to recover from for a professional athlete so it would make sense that the Stars are not so optimistic about how much Kane could really contribute to the team.

Kane is generally regarded as one of the best American-born players in NHL history. He has played in 1180 NHL games so far in his career and has scored 451 goals and has a total of 1237 career points.

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Patrick Kane Strongly Considering Signing With Hated Blackhawks Rival

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