Cole Perfetti Takes A Suspension Worthy Hit That Goes Uncalled

Published October 17, 2023 at 9:55 PM

In tonight's Jets-Kings game, Cole Perfetti took a massive hit from Andreas Englund which looked suspension-worthy.

Eglund Lays Dirty Hit on Perfetti in Kings-Jets Game

In the latter portion of the second period, Kings defenseman Andreas Englund laid a scary-looking hit on Cole Perfetti. Englund made the hit at center ice, hitting Perfetti square in the numbers with his head into the boards. The hit went uncalled during the game.

A very dangerous hit by Andreas Englund, smashing Cole Perfetti face-first into the boards

This type of hit is certainly worth a penalty and is arguably worth a suspension. It will be up to the NHL Player Safety Department if they want to take action on the hit after the game.

Englund Faced the Music After the Hit

The Jets didn't take too kindly to the hit on Perfetti, as Dylan Samberg was quick to drop the mitts to stand up for his teammate. Unfortunately for Samberg, Englund landed some big punches.

Andreas Englund landed some BIG shots on Dylan Samberg in the ensuing fight

What's even more wild, is Perfetti ended up in the penalty box after the dust settled from the scrum.

Andreas Englund hits Cole Perfetti in the neutral zone. Perfetti was turning and went head first into the boards. Dangerous, dangerous play.

Dylan Samberg fought Englund on behalf of his friend and the Jets are on the PK... And Cole Perfetti is sitting in the box?

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Cole Perfetti Takes A Suspension Worthy Hit That Goes Uncalled

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