Alex Ovechkin Shot Hits A Defender In The Head Sending Him To The Locker Room

Published October 18, 2023 at 10:15 PM

Alex Ovechkin is known for having one of the best and hardest shots in the world. Today an opposing player had the misfortune of taking that shot to the head.

Ovechkin Shot Hits Defender Sending Him To The Locker Room

In the third period of the game between the Washington Capitals and Ottawa Senators Alex Ovechkin caused chaos with one shot. A loose puck was sitting in the slot and Ovechkin skated into it snapping a wrister toward the net.

Senators defenseman Artem Zub happened to be in the shooting lane and the puck struck him in the face. Zub went down in extreme discomfort and ended up having to leave the game.

Artem Zub heads to the locker room after getting hit by a puck.

Even without Zub, the Senators would go on to have a successful third period against the Capitals.

Senators Close Out The Game Without Reliable Defenseman

When Zub went out the Senators were up 5-1 already in what had been a one-sided game. The Senators would add one more goal from Jake Sanderson and win the game 6-1.

The Senators keep up their impressive start to the season going to 3-1 on the year. On the flipside the Capitals fell to one win and two losses.

The game showed two franchises at different ends of their window to compete. The Senators look like the young up-and-coming team while the Capitals seem to be a team just clawing for one last ride.
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Alex Ovechkin Shot Hits A Defender In The Head Sending Him To The Locker Room

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