Winnipeg Native Comments On The Jets' Record Low Attendance

Published October 20, 2023 at 9:29

The Winnipeg Jets have been struggling to put fans in seats and now we have Winnipeg natives commenting on a potential relocation.

Stone Comments On Low Attendance

Last night, the Vegas Golden Knights defeated the Winnipeg Jets 5-3 and their captain, Mark Stone, commented on the Jets' low attendance and potential relocation.

Stone is a native of Winnipeg but never really got to see the Jets play as they moved when he was three years old.

«For sure it's a little concerning. Being a hometown guy, I love coming back and playing here.» - Mark Stone

Stone added how the absence of the Jets affected him growing up.

«I would have loved to have grown up with an NHL team in my city,» Stone said. «It's important for youth hockey, because they get to come see their idols play. And it's not just Jets players. I would have loved to have been able to see Sidney Crosby play, or even Mario Lemieux.»

This hints at Stone believing that there is a strong chance the Jets relocate. If they are unable to start selling more tickets, relocation may become a legitimate conversation as the Jets are on the stronger side in terms of team talent.

Hopefully, for the Jets and Stone, they will be able to play well enough for fans to start showing up. It is not a question of if the fans are there but if they are willing to pay their hard-earned money to watch the product the Jets put on the ice.

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Winnipeg Native Comments On The Jets' Record Low Attendance

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