Mitch Marner in action with the Toronto Maple Leafs.
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Mitch Marner gets accused of mistreating the Toronto media

Published May 8, 2024 at 12:25

Some shocking information related to Mitch Marner's treatment of the media emerged.

Marner has been targeted by the Leafs' media a lot over the past years, but it reached a whole new level in the playoffs. He's been struggling in the first few games of the playoffs, which led to a lot of speculation about his future.

The Toronto Sun went as far as saying he was an "invisible Leaf" on the ice:

"THE INVISIBLE LEAF: When Buds need him most, Mitch Marner pulling his usual playoff disappearing act"

In front of the cameras, Marner didn't shy away from speaking his mind and in the end-of-season availabiliy, went as far as saying he was a god:

Marner thinking he's a god shows a lot about what he thinks of himself. However, it may all be just a show.

According to a new report, this confidence could be a part of the show. A reporter covering the Leafs received backlash from Marner's camp, where he was blackbailed without explanations.

Here's what was revealed:

"Part of that. He pays attention to everything, right? He and his camp pay attention to everything, like, to such a degree. I mean, you know, Marner's camp has been mad at me and blackballed me going back, like, five or six years, and I have no idea why, like that.

No one ever said to me, like, oh, I didn't like this thing you wrote. Like, I think that our coverage of Marner has been largely positive. You know, going way back to when he was drafted and when he first came into, I mean, his rookie season, he was phenomenal, you know, and, like, he's had, he's regular season, he's been a great, great player, and I think that we've written that.

But there's such a sensitivity there. Um, you know, so there's all these feuds going on, and you hear about, you know, he's got, like, private security people that harass media people, and there's just, uh, there's really weird stuff that's going on. It's really strange things that go on with, with Marner, and sometimes I feel bad for him."

In addition, Marner's security team went as far as sending horrible messages to someone who wrote something negative about the player.

Watch it for yourself here:


There's obviously something is wrong with Marner and his team that simply doesn't fit in Toronto's tough market.

Source: Markerzone - Shocking accusations emerge on Mitch Marner's treatment of the media
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Mitch Marner gets accused of mistreating the Toronto media

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