Toronto Forward Ejected After Challenging Everyone on the Ice to Fight

Published October 15, 2023 at 8:11 PM

In a wild sequence, this Toronto forward was ejected for repeatedly challenging nearly everyone on the ice to a fight after already dropping the mitts.

Clifford Ejected After Throwing Punch On the Ground and Challenging Everyone to Fight

Kyle Clifford is a veteran NHL forward and a notable tough guy in the Leafs organization. His playing time with the Leafs has likely come to an end, as he remains with the Toronto Marlies after being cut from the roster this training camp.

While his age is getting up there, it appears his fire hasn't gone anywhere, after he loses his cool on the ice and challenges nearly every player on the Utica Comets to a scrap.

Kyle Clifford wants a piece of everyone on the Utica Comets after he drops the gloves with Samuel Laberge.

Clifford May Have Taken it Too Far in Recent Fight

Fighting is one thing, and many are debating whether it has its place in hockey anymore. However, what Clifford did is another. Throwing punches on a player after the fight has been taken to the ice is a significant unwritten rule that was broken by Clifford in the scuffle. It's obvious that the rest of the Comets' players didn't take too kindly to the after-the-fact punch either.

As seen on Hockey Patrol - "BREAKING: Veteran Toronto Winger Ejected After Mental Breakdown on the Ice"
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Toronto Forward Ejected After Challenging Everyone on the Ice to Fight

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