Mitch Marner Finally Addresses Mike Babcock Following Scandal

Published September 21, 2023 at 9:04

Unraveling Babcock's Scandal and Its Impact on Marner


Mike Babcock's name has been across NHL headlines recently, with accusations suggesting he invaded players' privacy by going through their phones. Amid this storm, all eyes turned to his former player, Mitch Marner, expecting him to shed light on his interactions with the coach.

Marner's relationship with Babcock during 2016-2020 was particularly rough. Notably, Marner was once asked by Babcock to list his teammates in order of work ethic, only to have this list shared with the squad. This incident was among the reasons Babcock eventually parted ways with the team.

Marner was asked if Mike Babcock ever asked to see any personal pictures; says he won't get into the saga, that any issues with the coach are in the past where he's concerned.

Speaking about the allegations and his history with Babcock, Marner shared his thoughts in a recent interview. His remarks highlighted a keen focus on looking forward rather than revisiting past controversies.

"Whatever happened, happened."

-#Leafsforever Marner re his history with Mike Babcock. Understandably did not want to elaborate.

Mitch Marner, asked if Mike Babcock ever asked him for his phone:

"I don't really want to comment on that too much. Whatever happened, happened...He's not with our team anymore. My focus is not on any other team or any other person."

The Toronto Maple Leafs Beyond the Controversy


As the clouds of the Babcock controversy dissipate, the Toronto Maple Leafs are gearing up for the 2023-24 season. With Sheldon Keefe steering the ship, potential changes in the roster might usher in new dynamics for the team.

Mitch Marner is one to watch, especially after his stellar show last season where he racked up an impressive 99 points across 80 games, including 30 goals.

Could he finally score more than 100 points this season?

As seen on Daily Hockey Dose - Marner Responds to Media‘s Questions About the Mike Babcock Situation
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Mitch Marner Finally Addresses Mike Babcock Following Scandal

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