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Canadian Government Screwing William Nylander Out of Millions of Dollars

Published January 7, 2024 at 3:11 PM

This crazy new report has just come out that shows how William Nylander is getting screwed out of millions of dollars if he chooses to sign in Toronto.

Nylander Losing Millions if He Chooses to Sign in Toronto

Everyone knows the certainties in life are death and taxes. Well, it turns out that the latter could be screwing William Nylander out of millions of dollars if he decides to sign with the Toronto Maple Leafs. A new report by Frank Corrado, showed just how much Nylander would be missing out on if he chooses to sign in Toronto over somewhere like Florida.

If Nylander does sign in Toronto for 11.5M, he will still net less money than Matthew Tkachuk at 9.5M in Florida

Everyone knows the taxes in Canada are much higher than some of the States, but seeing that Nylander will get paid less than Tkachuk for his blockbuster deal is truly eye opening.

The difference is so much, that if Nylander does get $11.5M in Toronto, he would pay $6,114,271 to the government, pulling in just $5,385,729. If he were to sign that contract in Florida, though, he would have to pay $4,215,332, netting $7,284,668. This difference amounts to over $15 Million over the course of the deal.

Nylander Will Make Up the Difference in Sponsorships

While the taxes are the price to pay for playing in Toronto, there are plenty of monetary upsides to playing in the biggest hockey market in the world. One of those is sponsorships, as it is well known that Leaf players bring in way more than their colleagues around the league when it comes to off-ice sponsorship deals.

I'm so sick of this narrative. Tkachuk is getting less endorsement $$ than Simon Benoit.

Also 11.5M USD = 15.3M CAD

Clearly, there are some reasons that players may not choose to play in Toronto, taxes could very well be one of them. However, it shouldn't be the sole reason that someone says no to a blockbuster deal in the City.

As seen on Hockey Patrol - "Canadian Government Screws Over The Toronto Maple Leafs"
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Canadian Government Screwing William Nylander Out of Millions of Dollars

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